Updates on the CPU Renovation at the PGH

We're very happy to finally be able to post some perspectives for the renovation if the Child Protection Unit at the Philippine General Hospital. For those of you who don't know, the PGH-CPU is the only child-friendly unit in the Philippines, which provides comprehensive medical and psycho-social services to abused children and their families.  It is currently undergoing a much-needed interior renovation, made possible through a collaboration with the Consuelo Foundation and the Tukod Foundation


The Consuelo Algiers Foundation approached our foundation last year asking if our architectural and interiors office - Mañosa & Company Inc (MCI) - could help with their project of renovating the existing premises of the PGH-CPU. We agreed, plans were drawn and approved, and construction began in January.

 Waiting area

Waiting area

The cost of the renovation of 2.5 million PHP has been answered by the Consuelo Algiers Foundation. However, this does not include the cost of the loose pieces - furniture, fixtures, appliances, etc - which comes to about P600,000. 

 Therapy room

Therapy room

Although one can say that PGH-CPU can still use some of their old existing furniture, we would prefer that the renovation include new furniture and fixtures appropriate for the areas - rather than the old, donated, mismatched pieces that they have at present. 

If you would like to help complete the project, we have a list of items needed with their approximate costs here

You can choose and just inform us of whatever items you would like to donate - much like a wedding registry. You can then either make the check to Tukod Foundation Inc. so we can purchase the items and account for them to you. Alternatively, we can inform you who the suppliers of the items are so you can do a direct purchase of the same. 

Thank you, and on behalf of all the abused children that pass through the PGH-CPU - and the overworked, dedicated staff and doctors - we hope that you find the above project a worthy one to support generously!

CPU Postcards Available for Sale!

If you are looking for a gift alternative, or just a good cause to support this holiday season, please consider Tukod Foundation's gift card, to help raise funds for the renovation of the Child Protection Unit at the PGH. The CPU provides comprehensive medical and psycho-social services to abused children and their families. 

Postal_8.5x5_Front (1).jpg

The sale of these cards will go to purchase new books, toys and puzzles for the abused kids who wait in the playroom for their turn to be checked and for therapy.

Thank you Chinie Hidalgo-Diaz and Nachi Ugarte for the beautiful words and design!