American Women's Club Fundraiser to Benefit Tukod's "Child's Right to Play" Project!

We are so happy to announce that the American Women's Club of the Philippines has chosen the Tukod Foundation's "Child's Right to Play" Project as the beneficiary for their next big fundraiser on October 10, 2015!


The proceeds of this charity event will go towards the building of a playground in Calauan, Laguna, near the Southville settlement which is home to approximately 7,000 children displaced as a result of Typhoon Ondoy. 

The playground will be located in one hectare of private property managed by Fr. Salvador Pablo of the Don Bosco's Salesian Order. 

Many parents from this settlement are forced to leave their children alone to pursue employment in Manila. As a result of the lack of adult protection, these vulnerable children are open to the high risk of sex trafficking and abuse from neighbors they do not know. The management of the playground and the location on land owned by the Salesian Order ensures that the park will become a safe haven for the children, where they are free to be children again. 

Please support this very worthwhile endeavor! For details on sponsorships, donations or tickets for the 21st Great American Hoedown, please contact the American Women's Club of the Philippines at, or call 817-7587.